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Baby food kits design by the ‘Malatko’ brand

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Baby food kits design by the ‘Malatko’ brand 2022-04-04T13:22:08+00:00

Project Description

Baby food kits design by the ‘Malatko’ brand

 ‘Malatko’ brand has launched the production of the baby food kits in special interactive boxes. The packaging and its content were designed according to the age of the infants and the specifics of use (whether it’s for a walk or for home).

This format is a new thing for the Ukrainian baby food market. It was created for moms to make their lives easier and to solve the problem of self-selection of a basket with a perfectly chosen baby food.

All considered, we closed in on the creation of the packaging design in terms of benefits for the mothers and attractiveness for the babies.

The design is made in a signature move of the company. Each of the sets is distinguished by its composition and color. It was supplemented with entertaining elements for babies like a scheme of assembling figures from the lids and coloring pages. Useful information, especially for mothers, with the feeding scheme was placed on the package.

The packaging design and the 3D visualization were developed for three types of kits:

  • ‘Start of supplementary feeding box’ – from 4-8 months.
  • ‘Delicious walk box’ – from 6 months.
  • ‘Malatko assorted box’ – from 8 months.

For the same customerDIVO VODA – water wise for your life. The label design was created in an artistic way.

What else is interesting: we designed the flour packaging for the “Dobrodiya” TM.

Link to the manufacturer’s website:

baby food kits