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Flour for “Dobrodiya” TM

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Flour for “Dobrodiya” TM 2018-06-04T18:09:24+00:00

Project Description

Redesign of packing of favorite flour for “Dobrodiya” TM

The best Ukrainian traditions are collected in the line of flour from TM “Dobrodiya” – all the raw materials from the Ukrainian fields. The design task is to emphasize the importance of the native and to link the past and the present. An oven, traditional patterns and a bright colored strip – looks atmospheric, attracts attention to the assortment block on the shelf and helps to choose your favorite flour.

We updated the design of 6 types presented 10 SKUs (in different weight):

  • rye flour;
  • wheat flour;
  • buckwheat flour;
  • cornflour;
  • flour oatmeal;
  • whole grain flour.

Dough for the best housekeepers with flour TM “Dobrodiya”. Please yourself and your family with fragrant pastries!

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