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TM “Happy Flakes” granola bars design

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TM “Happy Flakes” granola bars design 2022-03-26T13:24:28+00:00

Project Description

TM “Happy Flakes” granola bars design

Design developing for the range of granola bars for the “Happy Flakes” brand.

The customer is a Ukrainian brand “Happy Flakes”, which exports a wide range of products to the Middle East countries and North Africa. We have been supporting the company with the design services since 2019. We joined for the development of their new product design this time either. It is a product range of granola bars with berries, fruits, nuts and honey. It was necessary to create a design for the both individual and group (cardboard display boxes) packaging for the entire product line. 

The production is designed exclusively for export and it is important to bear in mind. Therefore, we built the design concept at the intersection of the existing products style of the ‘Happy Flakes’ brand (breakfast cereal) and due to the specifics of the target market tastes. The key emphasis is on the ‘explosion of flavor’, richness and juiciness of the ingredients. Customer communications are based on the conveying of positive emotions and energy. The key ingredients are presented on the front of the package. We combined them into a delicious ‘whirlwind’. The conception was finished with bright colors and light graphic elements.

As a result, we got the creation of a bar package design for four flavors and display boxes for each of them:

  • Tropical fruits & yogurt
  • Berries & yogurt
  • Fruits & nuts
  • Wild berries

For the same customer: Croissants TM “Happy Flakes”.

What else is interesting: We developed a packaging design for baby food kits from “Malatko” brand.

Link to the manufacturer’s website:

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