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ТМ ‘Gulfstream’ ready-made meals for export

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ТМ ‘Gulfstream’ ready-made meals for export 2022-04-27T18:45:00+00:00

Project Description

ТМ ‘Gulfstream’ ready-made meals for export

We created the packaging design for ready-made meals. The main focus of the packaging design is on a delicious product photo. Each SKU has a different frame color. The line consists of 4 directions: pancakes, dumplings, cheese casserole, and cheese patties. 

What has been done: 

  •     a design development for 14 SKU, there are 14 bright flavors;
  •     a packaging design concept;
  •     a series of graphic identifiers;
  •     a photoshoot.

Now Ukrainian delicacies can be found in Israel, the USA, and Australia. We are proud!

These items were designed for export. If you are in Canada, go and check them out to have a snack!

Link to the manufacturer’s website:

For the same customer: Ready-made meals packaging design for ТМ ‘Gulfstream’.

What else is interesting: We developed a packaging design for baby food kits from “Malatko” brand.


ready-made mealsready-made mealsready-made meals