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In our childhood, we worshiped the holidays. Then we do our best in the creative flight: drawing, sculpting, cutting … Choosing our own future, we understood, the creative profession gives the opportunity to enjoy the work. By gathering the necessary experience, uniting efforts, our dream has transformed into reality, and Be Great Design Studio (Kyiv, Ukraine) has begun its activity. The confident title is not a coincidence, because our goal is to help brands look harmoniously and holistically, and for novices in business to develop an identity that will have the right influence on the target audience at the psycho-emotional level. We have chosen two priority areas for graphic design studios: packaging design and corporate identity creation.

W h y   p a c k a g i n g   d e s i g n ?

Today the design of goods packaging has an impressive influence on the consumer’s attitude to a specific product as much as to the manufacturer. This is the image of the company, and the image is an important factor of competitiveness. To create a memorable solution to attract attention to the block of goods on the shelf, to convince the consumer of the uniqueness of a particular product – these are only part of the tasks we face in designing packaging. Choosing shapes, colors, fonts, infographics is a strategy that leads the product to success (we cooperate with well-known manufacturers and quality products).

W h y   c o r p o r a t e   s t y l e ?

The logo and corporate identity are the first steps in identifying and correctly building the communication. That is what business needs. It based on the success and attention of potential customers. Guideline collects all the rules of the corporate style in a single document, and the brandbook also includes the mission and philosophy of the brand. These documents, which facilitate the implementation of the corporate style, help to maintain a high level of corporate culture and save time at further developing of promotional materials. Each company’s brandbook is unique. It depends on the specifics of the company and the corresponding tasks that are formed at the stage of filling in the briefcase (questionnaire).

Our Clients represent such business areas as FMCG, eco-business, agricultural, automobile and sewing industry. Most part of our Clients are psychologists. We decided to allocate a separate direction «Be Great PSY» to satisfy requirements of this group completely.

All Customers are different, everyone needs a individual approach, but there is a feature that unites them – a desire to stand out, become a leader in their business direction.

Will you BE GREAT! And we’ll gladly help you with that.